25,000 Words per Second

I used to be proud of my ability to write a sonnet, up to 140 words, in 2 hours.
As a film creator/writer I searched for a way to quantify my new art.
A common saying is that “a picture paints a thousand words.” To make “moving pictures” we use approximately 25 frames (pictures) per second; therefore, if a picture paints a thousand words, then a movie creator is writing 25,000 words per second.

Here is a sonnet I translated into a film:
Until I Too Am Sand
Here is a short film starring my daughter:
Not A Matryoshka
Here is a music video of a sonnet lullaby I wrote:
Sweet Flowers
Here is a cinematic sonnet I made that was featured at the River and Ocean Film Festival in Forks, WA:
Dichotomies of the Olympic Peninsula
Here is a short film I made and entered in the Neuro Film Festival (It’s my TBI story)
Hope after a TBI
Here is a song I wrote for Christmas (my lyrics, old church hymn):
Way Down in Bethlehem
Here is a song I was inspired to write (my music to a poem by William Blake):
Ah! Sun-flower