My Sick Doll

My doll felt warm; I thought that she was sick
Said sister: “That’s a silly thing to think!”
I wanted her to rest and feel good, quick!
I nursed my doll while sister had her drink

I love my doll and sister likes her tea
I love my sister too; I think she’s smart
When I get sick, she’s just as good to me
As I am to my doll; I love her heart

I want to be a nurse to my sick doll
I’ll nurse her back to health the kindest way
Perhaps I’ll be a nurse to one and all
I’ll practice on my doll until that day

My doll may not be sick, like sister said
But I can still be kind and feel her head.

Feeding the Ducks with Beau

I found some bread to take and feed the ducks
I sat beside their pond and broke the bread
I think they thought the bread crumbs were deluxe
At least I’m sure they liked that they were fed
They didn’t seem to mind my big dog, Beau
Five ducklings and their mother paddled up
To get the breadcrumbs I would tear and throw
Beau comes with me since he was just a pup
We like to feed the ducks; they like us too
They’ve never been afraid of Beau; he’s kind
I think there’s part of Beau that’s duck; I do!
But if he’s only dog, I still don’t mind
When I find bread, Beau knows we’ll feed his friends
Beside the pond, where friendship never ends!

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood had walked the woods before
A basketful of food upon her arm
She took it through her grandma’s cottage door
Where she and grandma dined without alarm!
But one day when her grandma was too sick
To rise up from her bed to lock her door
A wolf came in and played a big bad trick
He gobbled grandma up and wanted more!
He dressed like grandma, climbed into her bed
Red Riding Hood came in, devoid of fear
“What teeth you have,” was what the young girl said
The Wolf replied, “To eat you with, my dear!”
Just then a hunter did what hunters do
He saved Red Riding Hood and grandma too!