First Day of Spring

I always thought that March 21st was the first day of Spring, but according to Wikipedia, today is!

Here is my first Spring Sonnet for 2012:

The Warmth of Spring

I feel the warmth of Spring; it makes me grow
The cold of winter melts within Her heart
Where once was cystal ice and frozen snow
There’s water now, which springs of Spring impart
Their water is relief in Summer’s heat
I’ll heal and grow throughout this blessed year
Of course there’s stuff I never will repeat!
But I don’t need to, now that Spring is here
She’s more than just a volta, made of days
She’s more than just some sonnet on some page
And yet, She’s like a little song that stays
Like Beauty’s youth, regardless of Her age
I’ll grow again beneath the warmth of Spring
Her offered Love will help my own Love sing!

Here are the first Spring Sonnets of previous years:

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