Running With My Angel

I met my Angel at a race today
We ran together, simply side by side
I know she could have gone another way
I know I could have too; I could have died
But I survived the accident to run
I’m blessed to have this Angel run with me
Like plants that grow are blessed to have the Sun
My Angel knows I’m lucky, just to be
She thought she’d be the last to hold my hand
That time she found me, broken by the way
This life is not the life that I had planned
But c’est la vie, I’m here with her today
We get to run together; we are blessed
She isn’t just an angel, she’s the best.


Written mostly in the morning as I thought about the half marathon I would be running with a woman who first saw me two years ago, right after my accident, It was a good healing/growth day for both of us. I call her “my Angel” because she held me as I lay nearly dead by the side of the road, but I only mean “Angel” as a metaphor for the good person she is, and what she did for me. I realize she is just a person/mother/wife/sister who is trying to live a good life. She continued her compassion for me today during the race by getting me water and stuff at the aid stations, Thanks, Angel!

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