Mellow Johnny

Today I’m “Mellow Johnny” on my Felt
The wind is at my back; my legs are strong
If rides are cards, I like the hand I’m dealt
If power’s music, I can sing that song!

It isn’t just a jersey on my back
This maillot jaune declares my ride’s intent
If wind’s the peleton, then I’ll attack
If power’s money, nothing has been spent!

I’ve saved it all, like gold within a bank
My maillot jaune’s a golden, yellow vault
My Felt succumbs to every pedal crank
The gears I crank are bigger by default!

It’s not about the bike; my engine knows
I ride wherever “Mellow Johnny” goes.


I wrote this one in honor of Lance Armstrong, aka Mellow Johnny. Whenever I wear my yellow jersey, I think of riding with Lance. He has been one of my inspirations for my own “come-back.”
If a cancer survivor can win the Tour de France, then a guy like me can overcome a TBI and come back to run a sub-3 at Boston and do a sub-10 at Kona!

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