14 Things I Love About You

(for Wendy)

1. I Love Your Hands

I love your hands, they seem to love me too
I love the way your fingers touch my skin
My hands applaud the things your hands can do
Come place your hand in mine as we begin
The journey that our hands already know
Along the paths and trails our hearts define
I love the places where, our hands will go
And if your hand gets cold, I’ll give you mine
I’ve got to hand it to your loving hands
They handle life with soft and subtle care
Your handiwork unfolds as peace expands
Your loving hands caress me everywhere
Come press your palms where loving hands belong
And let your hands conduct my simple song.

2. I Love Your Body

I love your body, always next to mine
I love your arms around me when we’re close
Within your arms, your warmth is so divine
That word feels right, it’s not too grandiose
Your body is a warm, exquisite place
In beauty it protects your treasured heart
And though you wear its beauty on your face
You’re more than just a precious work of art
Like warmth or art, as similes abound
Your body knows no end of poetry
I love your body, and I’m glad I’ve found
Your treasured heart and glad that you found me
Your body near my body helps me know
Away from you, I never want to go.

3. I Love Your Curves

I love your curves, they’re soft, and warm, and you
Enticement is a shape that has no edge
Your shape is pure enticement; this is true
I love your curves and all that they allege
With proven allegations they entice
I love you Love, whatever shape you are
Your curves are more than curves; they are precise
Precision that entices from afar!
But hold me close; come curve around my heart
I want to hold your curves within my arms
I never want to be too far apart
Or far away from all your curves and charms!
The softness and the warmth of all your curves
Is more than anyone like me deserves!

4. I Love Your Kiss

I love your kiss, come put your lips on mine
Your kiss, to me, is warm, angelic grace
I have to say your kisses are divine
I love your kiss; its warm when we embrace
I watch your mouth sometimes when you’re asleep
I envy air that lingers on your lips
I wish I was the air you breathe so deep
Exhale the poetry my love outstrips!
If kisses were just words, I’d talk all day
And yes, I want to hear you every night
But more than words, your kisses make me say
That loving you with kisses seems so right!
Your mouth gives birth to words, and kisses too
I love the way your kiss expresses you!

5. I Love Your Constancy

I love your constant love; it brings me joy
The definition of this word is true
A quality enduring to employ
The faithful love that emanates from you
Your constancy is that on which I lean
I love to know, on you I can depend
Like sunshine’s warmth on hills of grassy green
Your constant, verdant love will never end
Consistency is filled with stops and starts
But constancy is only filled with love
It fills all lives the way blood fills all hearts
Without it, I’m an ark without a dove!
But with your constancy, my dove has found
An olive branch upon your solid ground.

6. I Love Your Loyalty

I love your loyalty; I swear mine’s yours
You’re loyal to your heart and to your vows
Your loyalty is pure and it restores
My faith in love, a faith I will espouse
More loyal than the sunrise is to dawn
More loyal than a sailor to his ship
Though rope may lose its strength when strands are gone
Your soul’s a loyal knot that will not slip
Your loyalty is fibers from within
It ties our hearts together; we are bound
I feel its strength when we are skin-to-skin
It calls to me without a single sound
By loyalty, our faith in love’s sustained
And though we’re bound, our love is unrestrained.

7. I Love Your Compassion

I love your warm compassion in my life
Your empathetic virtue is divine
With humanistic grace, your love is rife
I love the soul you are, and that you’re mine
Compassion is a gift you give to all
Though warmth you give to me is just for me
I know your warmth will certainly enthrall
The coldest heart, wherever it may be
There is no ice immune to warmth from you
The ice transforms like water you compel
I know it’s autonomic when you do
And yet, I know you’ve chosen it as well
Divinity’s compassion that you give
Warm, empathetic virtue’s how you live.

8. I Love Your Desire

I love your hot desire; it melts my soul
Like summer’s heat melts anything too cold
I love it when you melt my self-control
By moving fast beyond the bounds of bold
Desire begets desire between our skin
Like clouds beget the lightning of the sky
I love the way I feel when you begin
Your lightning brings my thunderous reply!
But even in your heat, I feel your peace
I love the way your storms bring healing rain
Desire is more than just a quick release
You give it to me time and time again!
Come melt my frozen soul again with fire
I’m not too cold to feel your hot desire!

9. I Love Your Peace

I love the way you manifest your peace
Like rainbows show the end of vicious storms
And though your clouds have rain that they release
It’s by your rain that every flower forms
The peace of rainbows and of flowered fields
Display the colors of your peaceful heart
Where beauty’s peace abides and conflict yields
Where harmony and love take equal part
Your peace is balanced, like a restful day
I love to rest within your beauty’s peace
It brings the sound of words I love to say
Like poetry that makes my love increase
Come, manifest your peace within my heart
Storms have their end where rainbows have their start!

10. I Love Your Beauty

I love your beauty, not just what is seen
Although you look as pretty as a pearl
A pearl is only sand that comes between
An oyster and his shell, but you, my girl
You’re more than pretty sand, or even gems
Like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds too
To call them precious stones, my girl, condemns
The use of words like “precious,” but that’s you!
Your beauty is more precious than a stone
No color, cut, or clarity defines
The beauty of your heart; your heart alone
Surpasses all the riches found in mines
I love your beauty; I’m a wealthy man
You give me more than gold or silver can!

11. I Love Your Strength

I love your strength of body, mind, and soul
I hope you know my love for you is strong
My heart is yours; I give you full control
Although I know just where our hearts belong
Okay, “control” may not be what I meant
Although I meant your strength could take my heart
I know, my love, you’d never circumvent
My own free will; you’re not just strong; you’re smart!
I love the way you turn your strength to love
It’s strength of heart you have; I just forgot
To list it with the strengths I named above
That doesn’t mean you’re weak. Of course you’re not!
It only means my poetry is weak
When metaphors get heavy, so to speak.

12. I Love Your Words

I love your words; come whisper in my ear
I’ve never heard a poem more sublime
Than words you tell me; words I love to hear
Like sounds of meaning, filling borrowed time
I heard a little song, sung in your voice
The melody was rich with notes of love
I harmonized as best I could, by choice
But still I couldn’t match the words thereof
Of course I took it as a sign to write
Another little song that I could sing
Although I know I’ll never bring to light
The brilliance of your words, and all they bring
When you, yourself, come whisper them to me
But, I can whisper back in harmony

13. I Love Your Love

I love your love; I hope I’ve made it clear
By giving you my love in simple verse
If every word released a joyous tear
I’d fill a lake in which love could immerse
My joy is more than teardrops on my cheeks
My love is more than love, if that can be
Each tear is simply something that bespeaks
The love of “us” is made from “you” and “me”
If making love is more than tears of joy
Then what I love is more than I can say
Although I say a lot, I’ll redeploy
My words before they go too far astray
I love your love like poetry loves rhyme
And more than poetry, your love’s sublime.

14. I Love You

I love you more than poetry conveys
My love for you is so much more than words
I’ll show my love for you in many ways
Like galaxies of stars or flocks of birds!
(Hyperbole has nothing next to you)
If love was words, I’d write all day and night
And then I’d hold your books and read them too!
I’d marvel at the grace of black and white
But life is full of grays and rainbowed skies
And so I’ll take the time to feel the ways
My love for you is more than “love” implies
Like rainbows come and go, but sunlight stays
I know I want to give you all my heart
“I Love You” is a simple way to start.

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