Let’s Go Caps

I took my son (who just started hockey last year) to watch the Washington Capitals play against the Tampa Bay Lightning in DC tonight.
(Caps won 4-3!)
I actually wrote this sonnet during the game.

We came to watch the Caps command the ice
Ovechkin and the other boys in red
Their blades were knives and they knew how to slice
If blood was pucks, the other team was bled
They blew the horn, the fans yelled, “Let’s go Caps!”
We made some noise to tell the Caps they rock!
We watched ’em check the other hockey chaps
They gave those other chaps a brutal shock!
A power play became a classic score
The Caps went up, and then went up again!
For them the game’s a game; it’s not a chore
And yet, they play this hockey game to win!
We watched the Caps command the ice with grace
And put their poor opponents in their place.

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