It’s Over Now – Song

It’s over now, I know’cuz I can feel
her missing skin and hear her quiet breath
I can’t imagine anything as real
as lying by her side; alone is death
Come put me in a grave, alone and cold
It’s just the same as how I feel today
I’m just a story no one ever told
Alone, I’m words that she will never say
It’s dark, and I remember when the light
revealed my lover’s beauty, like the dawn
By her, the world was golden, warm, and bright
But now I lie awake and she is gone
I feel my lover, soft within my heart
I hope she feels me now that we’re apart.

It’s over now; it’s hard to say, she said
It’s over now; what we once had is dead
It’s over now; I’ve gotta live somehow
I’m tired, but I just want it over now.

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