Distant Lover – Song

This is a sonnet series I am working on for a ballad.

A. The old distant lover (previously discovered)
B. The new distant lover (just discovered)
D. Her POV

  1. I’m alone
  2. I see you
  3. I try to talk myself out of you because of the distance
  4. You get closer
  5. We meet
  6. Why are you still moving away?
  7. You like me, but you have to keep moving
  8. I try to talk you out of moving away
  9. I try to talk you into staying still for me

10. She falls into me (or not)
11. She falls away from what she was moving for (or not)

I saw the sun explode behind the trees
At dusk, before I dragged myself to bed.
I felt a surge of promised distant peace,
But something else slipped in my weary head.

Perhaps the shade of purple in the cloud
The sun had touched was just one shade too dark.
Perhaps the distant rain fell like a shroud
Upon some distant lovers in some park.

I know the vision that my eyes beheld
Was missed by many others on that night,
As all the highest joys the scene compelled
Collapsed before the sun withdrew his light.

From where I stood such beauty should be clear
Unless it was refracted by a tear.

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