Room 25

This one is in honor of all my friends at the most fabulous lounge in Enumclaw, Washington, Room 25 (and Frankie’s Pizza)!

The noise proclaims the presence of pure mirth
Of people who believe it comes and goes
But when it stays, they know just what it’s worth
They raise their glasses, drinking mirth which flows!
If mirth could live, without their flowing drinks
They wouldn’t come and sit within this Room
My waitress smiles; I like to think she thinks
That she provides the mirth that I consume!
It’s like a glass of wine that tastes like joy
If joy could be a wine, it would be red
They serve it here that patrons might enjoy
The noise with all their senses, duly fed
The noise subsides, and yet, the mirth remains
Within this Room that knows what mirth contains!

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