Soon, Erotic Us

I’ll sit and wait, and yet my flesh will rise
To enter you, my Lover, and my Sweet
Enticement, like the garden which I prize
My garden is your body, I will eat
Your tender flesh; I’ll feel you on my lips
Your moist, delicious thighs are where I’ll seek
The pleasure you will feel within your hips
I want to be the ecstasy you speak
I’ll feel you tell my body how to move
I’ll move to fill your wishes, your command
Then, as you come, I know that you will prove
My heart is like a drum beneath your hand
You’ll shatter all the silence where I wait
There’ll be no doubt that I have found my mate.

The Divinity of Your Love

I want to make sweet Love with only You
Your Body next to mine is what I crave
To have You here, there’s nothing I won’t do
If having You’s a sin, I won’t behave
If Loving You’s a sin, there is no god
And yet, You’re still an Angel; Heaven’s mine
Without You, all eternity is flawed
But with You, there is nothing more Divine
Your Wishes are commandments I’ll obey
Whatever You Desire, I’ll find and give
If Loving You’s a Prayer, then I will Pray
My death’s without you, but I want to Live!
I Live because my Faith in You is real
There’s nothing like Your Love I’d rather feel.

My Sweet Wine

A glass of wine is nothing when I think
Of how my lover tastes, and her bouquet
Like Beauty which compels my soul to drink
I need a glass or two of her each day
She’s sweet and tart; she’s crisp and dry, select
If similes are wine, she’s like them all
If drunkeness is love, then I suspect
I’m drunk enough to hope that when I fall
I fall into my lover’s arms, her bed
And tremble with my sex against her skin
But if I’m not that drunk, I’ll hope, instead
To make sweet love with her and come within
Her Beauty is my sweetest glass of wine
My lover’s taste is sweet, and she is mine!

Dreams Tonight

Tonight I need the dreams that bring me you
Where you and I can kiss and touch and love
The dreams when we can choose them, and we do
The dreams that I am always dreaming of
Tonight I miss your hands upon my skin
I miss the warmth that comes with your embrace
Tonight I wish I felt myself within
Your body; and I’d love to kiss your face
I need you in my dreams; will you be there?
Will you respond to me when I will call?
I know you love me, and I know you care
I know you give me everything, that’s all
I want to give you more than words, tonight
My dreams of you are more than I can write.

True Contact

I know she’s there; I feel her loving heart
My hands and arms are empty, but she’s there
I may not see her, but we never part
Our hearts are full; they make a perfect pair
Forever isn’t empty, now I know
It marks the time I always want to be
Beside her shining Beauty, even though
When we’re apart, I feel her next to me
While others may be close enough to touch
To touch them wouldn’t be as good or true
As waiting for the love I need so much
The “her” I want to feel is only “you”
Like waiting for the couplet for this song
I know to wait for you is never wrong.


To her I smell like coffee, warm and bold
in fall when mornings plead for the embrace
of rich aroma, conquering the cold
and lonely air that fills her lonely space.
She holds her cup in both unsteady hands;
she smiles and shrugs, expecting me to pour
my caffeine soul, implicitly demands
her fix of warmth and strength with nothing more.
She cools my heated taste with expert lips,
relaxes with the cup against her breast.
I seep into her slowly as she sips
and quickly where the cup is tightly pressed.
Consumed, I linger on to my surprise,
the catalyst of passion in her eyes.

Originally posted 2/22/2009

Angelic Rain

She comes to me like raindrops come to Spring
I feel her like the gentleness of rain
Her beauty’s like a song I want to sing
Without her in my life I’d live in pain
But with her in my life, my heart is clean
She washes me with love and loving care
Like similes of angels I have seen
She flies to me from any anywhere
My soul is parched; I need her in my heart
I can’t believe I’ve thirsted for so long
I’ll finish all she gives me, from the start
She gives me all that’s right, where nothing’s wrong
Her raindrops fill my life with love; I’m blessed
By her angelic presence, love’s expressed.

Come Close, My Love

I feel you close when you’re not even here
As close as when I drink; my lips, your wine
Or when I close my eyes and shed a tear
The warmth upon my cheek is you, divine
Come closer and succumb to my embrace
Angelically, there’s heaven in your touch
I need your presence near; I won’t replace
Your love.  I’ll never say you love too much
I want to place my lips upon your breast
To taste the sweetness of your tender skin
I want to feel your fingers on my chest
And yes, I hope you feel me come within
As close as we can be, I want to be
And know that us is only you and me.


I learned it’s true, that all the world’s a stage
All men and women merely players too
The truth we seek, we find on any page
We choose, and hope the words we choose are true
Soliloquys are poignant by and by
To anyone who listens to our play
And poetry is havoc that we cry
We let our sonnets slip then turn away
It’s true, the word is god; we speak divine
it’s true that Thou Art God; Thou Art a Word
Divinity’s a play we all refine
With everything we think we’ve ever heard
Since all the world’s a stage, I’d like to know
Will anyone applaud my humble show?

Planning My Day

My day begins when morning comes to call
My dreams are over and the sun comes up
I’m glad I have a window in my wall
I’m glad I have a breakfast bowl and cup
It’s time to plan, get ready for my day
I brush my teeth and then I brush my hair
I choose the clothes I want to wear, and hey!
I put them on unless they have a tear
I’m ready now; I get to go to school
Last night I did my homework; now it’s done
My friends will know that I am smart and cool!
At recess time we’ll play and have some fun!
I’ve planned my day; I’ve got some extra time
I’ll write tonight if I can find a rhyme!