Sonnet For My Lover

My hands belong upon your breasts, your skin
And yet, this distance can’t preclude my heart
From feeling like I feel when I’m within
Your warmth.  We don’t belong this far apart
When close as lying next to you, asleep
I know my hands belong right where I said
And there, upon your breasts, I need to keep
My lover, skin to skin, within our bed
I turn to pull you close, to taste your kiss
Your kisses are more sweet than noble wine
I’ve never tasted anything like this
Like you, within a pose, relaxed, supine
I want to hold you, quietly and still
And when you’re back within my arms, I will.

Missing You

It’s hard to fall asleep without your kiss
I love to sleep when you are in my dreams
Asleep, in love . . . to fall with you is bliss
And when you’re gone, the night’s just what it seems
Alone, the night is cold and dark and long
I need my Sunshine here to start my day
I need her warmth like music needs a song
I wish you never had to go away
I’m thinking of your hands upon my skin
Relaxing to the memories of us
You’re warm and wet when I am deep within
The memories we make are quite a plus!
I’ll do my best to always keep you near
But know that when you’re gone, I miss you, dear!

Smiling Eyes

Her life becomes the happiness she sees
Her eyes become her smile; they shine with joy
The color of her rosy cheeks agrees
With all the warmth such pinkness can employ
Such warmth portrayed in eyes is rich and rare
Her eyes are rare as diamonds, and they shine
Like stars, though even stars do not compare
With beauty she displays to eyes like mine!
“Like sunshine at the start of every day”
Her poet found the words that held her smile
The warmth within her eyes still makes him say
“Her beauty goes beyond poetic style!”
And when she bends to give his face her kiss
He sees her smiling eyes, where love is bliss.


I choose my life; I chose a broken heart
In loneliness I found the easy path
The world’s a stage; I only play one part
My cold ambition feeds my tepid wrath
Poetically, I peel my skin and bleed
The pain I feel is beautifully intense
I don’t believe in death or any need
Such things, to me, are all devoid of sense
My broken heart makes noise like things in space
It beats pentameter, iambically
There’s nothing in my life that’s out of place
As all my words proceed sarcastically
My choices make the whole of me complete
My life is easy: lather, rinse, repeat.


Time for me to write another soliloquy sonnet. Just so you all know what I am working on today. I will post it when I am done. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is my target this time:

Act 5 Scene 5: Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow (Spoken by Macbeth)

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, 
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day 
To the last syllable of recorded time, 
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools 
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! 
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player 
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage 
And then is heard no more: it is a tale 
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, 
Signifying nothing.


Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and . . . Oh hell!
My time is unrecorded, not some word
Illuminated metaphors can’t tell
The feelings of today; they’re felt, not heard
Brief candles, walking shadows–not my way!
Go issue your command to those who hear
Such rhetoric’s a simple thing to say
Poor players, not the star, will strut in fear 
It’s true, the world’s a stage, so watch and learn
Don’t mix your metaphors with what you feel
No tale should make your heart believe or yearn
In utterance by idiots, unreal
If life has sound and fury, c’est la vie
Significance will be, so let it be!


I’m more than glad, they didn’t break my soul
To you that means I’m not a broken man
My body works, when under your control
I’ll follow every detail of your plan
I’ll need to be reminded, with a kiss
Sometimes when I get angry, like I do
Caress me, please, when I succumb to this
My anger leaves when I succumb to you
My soul is yours, connected to my heart
My body broke, but fixing it proceeds
To make you happy, or at least to start
Addressing all the preludes of your needs
My soul cannot be broken, like a bone
But still, it’s not complete when it’s alone.

My Dragonfly

My Dragonfly is beautiful and free
Her wings are filled with color, warm and bright
No rainbow is more beautiful to me
I want to be beside her, in her flight
She flies to where her beauty can be seen
By those who need such beauty in their lives
She’s more than just some pretty figurine
The angels fold their wings when she arrives
I can’t believe I found her, and she’s real
Eternity’s too short to understand
But I don’t need to wait for what I feel
It’s Love, within the hollow of my hand
I see her, and I feel her, and I know
My Dragonfly is mine; she’ll never go.

Goosebumps and Happiness

I want to make you happy every day
I want to wake to nothing but your kiss
I want to be the reason that you say:
“I’ve never felt my goosebumps quite like this.
Come take me now; this prelude needs to end!”
I’ll take you, and your goosebumps will conclude
The “little death” will triumph and extend
The pleasure of a well-timed interlude
Extending the expressions of my heart
By making love is what I want to do
Your goosebumps are the signal at the start
Of feelings when I’m all alone with you.
I want your happiness to be extreme
And making love with you, a waking dream!

Just Us

A few more days, just us, we’ll be alone
Imagine how togetherness will be
No kids, no friends, no Internet, no phone
It won’t be hard to generate tranquility
Tonight was hard, we needed to amend
Our nervousness within each other’s arms
A few more days before we get to spend
Our time enjoying one another’s charms
The way a violin enjoys a note
When generated by a master’s hand
As if we knew the music that we wrote
Was charming, just the way we’d always planned
Just us, together, harmonizing love
Togetherness is all I’m dreaming of.


Your laughter makes me horny, even though
You laugh because I’m such an easy mark
I’m hungry for your skin; I think you know
Your teasing lights emotions like a spark
Emotions from my hunger for your flesh
Escape from me as if I’ve lost control
I never knew your laughter could refresh
Emotions set ablaze within my soul!
I love it when you tell me: “bring it on!”
Although I’m miles away, you know I’m hot
Don’t think that you can tease until it’s gone
The shower may be cold, but girl, I’m not!
So laugh away!  A few more days, you’ll see
Just what your sexy laughter does to me!