Our Gallery

Memories paint the pictures of our life
I love the art our galleries contain
Walls in each room and hallway here are rife
This is a place of beauty we sustain
Balance exists within our halls of art
Sometimes a canvas bears a swath we view
All by itself the image pains the heart
But it was painted and belongs there too
Walking together, we will laugh and cry
These works of art are ours, we made them all
We’ll paint some more together, by and by
And we will hang them neatly on a wall
where we can see them anytime we’re here
Beauty of ours will never disappear.

Our Song

I chose to be alone to mend my heart
I only want to share it when it’s whole
I’ve lived a life that’s ripped it all apart
and left a jagged edge along my soul
I sewed it back together, but I found
though healed it bears a long and tender scar
and when it beats, it makes a different sound
Music for you should never be bizarre
I know you like the songs I write for you
I want to sing my songs for you in tune
I want to share my heartbeat’s rhythm too
Though we’re apart, we’ll be together soon
Then you will feel my love and you will hear
I have a song for you and me, my dear.

Sold on fiverr?

Wanting You For Me

Unsure of who I am, I need your hand
to take my hand and lead me thru my life
Our skin-to-skin is real; I have it planned
And yes, I want your love; come be my wife
A wife is one who stays beside my bed
I need your love like food I need to eat
to strengthen me when I am nearly dead
And you, my love, you’re filling and you’re sweet
We’ve loved; we’ve held each other soft within
I still remember songs that filled our hearts
Your love was there beyond our skin-to-skin
and in your warmth I feel my own warmth starts
I’m certain that my love can feel it too
I’ll wait forever ’til I’m holding you.

Memories and Tears

My memories are tears; I have to cry
I didn’t say I want to, but I must
I want to stay in bed, don’t want to try
a life that’s full of things that I can’t trust.
I lost my wife and son; they live back east
I lost the other loves with whom I’d share
I taste my tears, my memories: a feast
of rancid food and sweetness, both are there
I know it isn’t normal, how I feel
I know it’s not forever, but today
my tears are all my memories, they’re real
I’d be a fool to wipe them all away.
I’ll cry as I remember all I’ve lost
With memories and tears I’ll pay the cost.

Making Love

It’s more than just a chance I want to take
It’s more because my feelings are a storm
I know that love is something I can make
I only have to find a body, warm
But when a body’s warm it has a heart
A heart, just like a sugarbowl in rain
will wash away before it can impart
its love, and then it’s only filled with pain
I’ll take a chance, because my heart is full
My feelings didn’t wash it all away
I’d rather make sweet love than something null
that treats my feelings like some game to play
A body, warm is soft; its heart’s within
But touching it will start with skin to skin.

Romeo and Juliet

I know the stars are crossed and I’m a fool
who put his faith in fate, but I was wrong
You showed me that you love me, and the rule
of love, regardless of the stars is strong
enough to overcome the pain I feel,
enough to overcome my brush with death
Our love is not a fantasy; it’s real
“I love you” is the reason I have breath
I felt you when you waited by the door
I felt the words you used within your verse
I loved it when you said, “I love you more.”
I missed your heart, but know you missed me worse
My Juliet, I love you, I’ll become
your Romeo. You wait and I will come.


I haven’t had simplicity for years
I learned that my decisions twist and turn
And good or bad, each consequence appears
A complicated flame still has to burn
It still gives warmth and light in cold and dark
Simplicity is not the way to live
I know it’s not for me; I’ll fan the spark
into a flame. ┬áThere’s warmth I want to give
Come huddle near; I chose to burn for you
This consequence is good; I call it love
It isn’t simple, but, my love, it’s true
It isn’t tame; it’s not some cooing dove
Alas, my heart is not some simple coal
It burns with love, but won’t consume your soul.

For Annabelle

What sleep contains the beauty of a dream
that wears the warmth and comfort of a kiss?
Can anything reveal the thoughts that seem
to hide within the wishes for such bliss?
The dream may be awakened by the touch
of her, within the dream; the dream is real
and she is more than beauty; she is much
the same as what I want, and what I feel
I need to hold her hand within my hand
Her head would be a pillow on my chest
What dream could make the universe expand
to fill the empty thoughts that I’ve expressed?
One dream of beauty, Annabelle, appears
Such sleep dispels all doubts, dispels all fears.


Alone is worst at night, when I can feel
her skin, and smell her hair, and hear her breath
I can’t imagine anything as real
as lying by her side; alone is death
Come put me in a grave, alone and cold
It’s just the same as how I feel today
I’m just a story no one ever told
Alone, I’m words that she will never say
It’s dark, and I remember when the light
revealed my lover’s beauty, like the dawn
By her, the world was golden, warm, and bright
But now I lie awake and she is gone
I feel my lover, soft within my heart
I hope she feels me too, when we’re apart.