This World

This world contains no simple metaphors
Perfection is a mine that has no gold
At times our progress comes through bitter wars
At times we know our stories won’t be told
This world is life; it ends with death and pain
This life begins with beauty in our birth
We fill our lives with love, our life’s refrain
Our choruses are words that tell our worth 
The way we treat each other is the way
Our lives become a symphony, a song
There is no grand conductor to obey
We hear each other’s tunes and sing along.
Compose a life of beauty and you’ll find
this world becomes the volta you’ve designed.


The warmth of her, a stranger in my hand
Her hand was soft; her voice was soft and sweet
So much of life this year has been unplanned
I sat, but didn’t know that I would meet
So warm a girl, so beautiful and nice
I wonder if my hand was warm to her
Her daughter made me smile, not once, but twice
I hope that my intentions weren’t obscure
She felt like more than poetry to me
We shared our pain, we shared compassion too
The moment wasn’t awkward; we were free
I wish I had some wishes that she knew.
Dear Casey, I would love to know you more
You may be what a second chance is for.

Hate and Loss

I hate what I’ve become; I hate to hate
But loss deserves no better frame of mind
I know it will come back if I but wait
I wish it was a penny I could find
Both hate and loss congeal within my brain
Emotion’s heart still beats; it isn’t luck
They gave me pills to stop emotion’s pain
And now I’d cry, but all my tears are stuck
I only have an accident to blame
I only have a life of hate and loss
I had a love, but then I lost her name
I hate the bridge to find her I must cross
I love to love and love what I will be
When I have found my thoughts and they’ve found me.


I love it when she curls up on her side
Within my dreams, she’s soft and she is warm
I love the dreams when she becomes my bride 
I wish that I could make my dreams my norm
I pull her body next to me and shake
Reality becomes intense and feels
The comfort of the love we love to make
It touches skin to skin; it stops, reveals
Intensity within her mouth, her lips
She softly moans and tilts her head, her hair
Is beautiful; she moves her silky hips
without a word she says she wants me there
Tomorrow I will wake and she’ll be gone
But in my dreams she’ll always carry on.


I hope you let me calm your soul at night
I like to read, to bring the warmth of sleep
I’ll let your beauty infiltrate my sight
Your dreams will be the images I keep
I want to be the keeper of your dreams
To earn your trust, more valuable than gold
To me your heart is love; to me it seems
Your dreams are all the stories ever told
to calm the children lying in their beds
and bring the warmth of sleep in gentle peace
as all their busy daytimes leave their heads
and rest becomes their happiest release.
It’s this, the calm of night, I want to bring
I’ll read; I’ll kiss your head, I’ll even sing!

Broken Love

I broke her heart then swore to keep mine whole
She must have been as angry as a bee
Smoked from her honey, she flew round my soul
And thus encircled hate for god to see
There was a plan, she landed on my head
I laughed as god raised wood to smash her flat
I couldn’t care if she could sting; she’s dead
I thought as god took aim and swung his bat
Crack went the wood and squish became her sound
Squirming and cracking jostled through my brain
I felt the neurons shift as I turned round
I felt the neurons loose their hold for pain
Breaking her heart was just a thing I do
But in her wrath, she broke my love in two.

Feeling Like Me Again

Unbalanced, I can feel my mind get light
I sculpt myself surreal each time I wake
I hear the sound of chips, both wrong and right
And hope the hammered chisel will not break
If I should strike a diamond, it would be
Analogous to nothing but my heart
On either side my lungs could set me free
The diamond will not break, it holds my art
I only need to let my lungs reveal
the knowledge of the beauty they have felt
By breathing and by centering I’ll feel
myself the way I was before life dealt
a shitty hand by injuring my brain
I’ll feel my peace and calm; I won’t feel pain.

Perseverance is Our Bond

Our bond is perseverance, like the strength
a runner brings to bear in any race
Especially the marathon, its length
requires a steady heart, a constant pace
Our steadiness and constancy is this:
A marathon will end, but not our love
My perseverance tastes just like your kiss
and yours is what I’m always thinking of
We’ve run together, through the coldest storm
You gave me cause to persevere so long
and then you pulled me close and made me warm
and then I knew my love for you was strong
We’ve persevered through injury and pain
Our love has persevered and will remain.


She told me when I died, that I would live
My death had been a farcical mistake
Omnipotence had slipped; I must forgive
Or did I want a choice to freely make?
I chose the choice and faced another crux
Could I forgive Omnipotence my death?
Can bicycles survive unswerving trucks?
They can’t survive and neither can my breath
when lungs are filled with blood and little air
I held my breath, the blood, forgiveness too
I never plan to choke to prove I care
If you were me I wonder what you’d do?
Omnipotence is not concerned with grace
I never want what power can replace.


She threw me in this dumpster when I cried
I didn’t mean to make Her life a waste
I struck my head, and yes, I nearly died
But if a baby died, He’d be disgraced
Nobody came, although my voice was loud
When I was quiet no one came as well
God is the Word, so I must be in Hell
When I was hungry, She would put Her flesh
into my mouth and milk would come from it
Bread is okay, but only when it’s fresh
Given a choice, I’d rather gnaw Her tit
Naked I came into this garbage can
Naked I’ll leave when I become a man.