Waking Emotions

At 2 a.m. her voice is shedding sleep
Beneath the sleep her sweet emotions rise
Now naked, they have promises to keep
From where I am I don’t divert my eyes
I’ve seen her all; I love her all, exposed
Emotions can be naked in her speech
Our time zone difference means she is reposed
She isn’t close at all, but I can reach
my own emotions, tender at her voice
along the line we’ve opened through the night
then let my own emotions have the choice
of nakedness, although they’re out of sight
I choose to let them bare with hers, the same
because I feel her frequency, un-tame.

Her voice is not awake; I feel it stretch
It spreads itself across my starving skin
If she were in my room I’d let her etch
her nails upon my arms; she’d let me in.
Our naked, soft emotions would find haste
in places where our bodies long to taste.

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