Anointing Our Skin

Let’s make our love inside all wrapped in calm
committed actions covered with the balm
discovered for the places, dry or hot
Although we don’t believe ourselves, we’re not
as dry as love required by something soft . . .
our love is made, a bedroom in the loft.
We rub the ointment on the tender skin
I love your hands upon me, I am in
a place with you, imagined from a dream
you rub the balm upon my skin, a cream
as milky white and cool, though you are warm
outside the rain begins, perhaps a storm
is coming. We will stay inside and let
the rain come down and make the garden wet

3 more couplets on this motif:

We’ll stay inside and listen to the rain
and rub the balm upon our subtle pain.
I have no pain when you are by my side
I’ll care for you and let you be my guide.
Just tell me where you’re tender and my hand
will rub the ointment. I’m at your command

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