At rest with restless visions of the day,
the day to come when restlessness abates,
I fold the light in subtle shades of gray
behind my resting eyes where vision waits
for that-which-clouds to solemnly disperse
like mist reveals its absence in the lake
as smooth as god removing morning’s curse
or silence in the cries which gods forsake.
I sleep in some precarious embrace
of warmth beneath the presence of the sky
which signifies the darkness I replace
with civil twilight, dreams, and no reply.
Replaced beyond millennia of hope,
I wake into the light through which we grope.

A Vision of Blood, Music and Insanity

Should my psychosis lead you like a song
remembered from realities of blood
beyond your sacred sanity, how long
would music be the flame before the flood?
What beaten rhythm pounded from your heart
would course through my realities of doubt?
What rising voice could patently impart
divinity with madness or without
the sacrifice of spirit in your veins
which rises from your chest into your throat?
Recall the taste of love when love remains
within the balance of a single note,
when blood becomes the mystery of mind
and music is the savior of mankind.


I know the only thing I want is you,
beside me when my empty hand is cold,
when warmth is in your fingertips and through
your warm caresses, I can feel you hold
my silent hopes within your soft embrace,
my silent song within your tender heart.
Your strength suffices beauty with your grace
in dreams I have of you when we’re apart.
Like memories of you when we’re apart
before I ever knew that warmth could be
beside me and inside me, your sublime
intoxicating spirit sets me free.
Where nothing I have known is what I knew,
I know the only thing I want is you.

She Waits

She waits like perfume lingering within
the softest folds and fabric of the robe
she wore against the presence of her skin;
presented in her patience, time is slowed
like warmth in late November, like a leaf
that feels the perfect breeze yet clings aloft
to barren branches.  Where is the release
of autumn perfume, lingering and soft?
She waits like autumn, waits for me to fall,
full-knowing life will tumble, drift and sway
my brittle soul.  I sense the subtle call
of perfume in the robe she wore that day
when gently she assured my lofty doubt
that she would wait until it all worked out.

Candace Polishes the Silver

Self-satisfied at how her hand has swept
the tarnish from the heirloom of her heart,
she thinks of how she held him, how she wept,
and how she cried when they were miles apart.
So clean, the caustic rub, the gentle rag
has wiped the stain of memory away
from silver cups and spoons kept in a bag,
contained for once-a-year or cleaning day.
Reflection is distorted in the curve
of her perception, held without remorse,
as light becomes a token to observe;
she lets the reminiscence run its course.
Then, satisfied the silver bears no trace
of love, she puts it safely in its place.

How to PR

Begin as if beginning was the end
of time when muscles rest and skin is dry.
There is no time to hesitate; extend
your will beyond the horizontal sky.
Now pull each stride beneath you as the road
concedes to your omnipotence of grace.
Flow forward like a river and erode
the confidence of time with rushing pace.
Hold on to spirit rising from within
your heart; hold on to spirit like a song
that calls you like a siren to begin
each stride like the beginning; move along
the course as if the world was yours to run
and race the end as if you’d just begun.