Peaceful Conception

This curve of flesh conceals a hidden lake
where water bends the earth to seek its rest,
a liquid soul the body won’t forsake,
although the body flows at its request.
With gentleness the water laps the shore;
the shore responds to each progressive wave,
as if another soul knows what’s in store,
conforming to the life the soul will save.
And when the liquid soul has split apart,
the half that ebbs and flows will find its mate.
Its flesh will rise in tides from heart to heart,
and life divine will be what it creates.
The flesh within the soul of love will swell;
and in its curve the miracle will dwell.

This poem was originally entitled “Nine Months in Eternity”

I changed the title after revision.  Here is the poem in its original draft:

The curve of flesh reminds me of a lake
How water bends the earth to seek its rest
The liquid soul rests for the body’s sake
Or makes the body flow at its request
The gentle way the water laps the shore
The way the shore responds to every touch
As if the soul knows what life has in store
And helps the flesh conform to life as such
And only when one soul has split apart
And only when one half has found its mate
The flesh responds by flexing from the heart
Where life divine seeks only to create
The curvature of love begins to swell
And deep within the miracle will dwell

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