Erotic Progression

At First

At first you pass your lover on the street
And only vaguely feel the heat arise
This future love whom you have yet to meet
You’ve met and yet you only caught their eyes

At first you simply lay there in your skin
And try to sleep while dreams employ your hands
Those eyes you caught have now evolved within
Your needs and wants have now become demands

At first you simply seek to find release
To cool the fever burning you each night
Until you want the burning to increase
And so consume you ’til the morning light

You pass again the eyes which now you seek
You stop. Your lover stops. You turn and speak.

At Last

At last you’re close enough to feel the heat
Escape the lips that vainly held it in
That breath which heaves a sigh is incomplete
Without an ear to breathe the sigh within

At last you let your bodies briefly touch
A brush of hair, your fingertips, your cheeks
Some place where you were void of clothes and such
The words you lacked, your touching quickly speaks

At last your fingers find the will to slide
Beside, between, beneath, behind, below
Flirtation’s stream has now been swept aside
Engulfed in passion’s grand torrential flow

You lose yourselves together in this time
You find yourselves a part of love sublime

And Now

And now you’re sliding up to keep the pace
Demanded by the rising of your sex
And now the blood begins to burn your face
And melt the muscles waiting there to flex

And now you smell the salt within the sweat
The sweat in every pore, on every hair
And now your skin remembers to forget
That all it has to do is feel, not care

And now staccato breath is all your voice
You ‘ah’ and ‘ah’ and ‘ah’ as if to say
It’s gone, my self is gone, I have no choice
And now your love consumes your love away

You mount, you rise, you scream, you laugh, you cry
You live, you give, you take, you are, you die

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