Easter Sonnet (Psalm 24)

His hill is high and holy, firm and green
Who climbs to stand in such a holy place?
Who’s hearts are pure, who’s hands are spotless, clean?
Who seeks to know their God, to see his face?
His hill he first ascended when he rose
And those who follow one day too shall rise
With songs of joy, with poetry and prose
Hosanna! at the heart of all their cries.
They shall receive the blessing from the Lord
His righteousness, salvation by his grace
A fount on every blessed soul is poured
Who climbs to stand upon this holy place
This high and holy hill, both firm and green
Where every heart is pure and hand is clean.


As bright as spring expressed within a rose
In quiet tones of pink and green and gold
A bursting bud as winter’s drawn to close
A life reborn transcends forgotten cold
My love is this; my love is more than this
She radiates a warmth from heart and breast
And all the color of my Easter kiss
Is deeply on her flushing cheek expressed
She waits for spring no more; it comes to her
And settles on her heaven’s brightest ray
A light, a love that’s golden, warm and pure
Announcing that it’s found a brand new day
The sun stands still; she feels her moving son
Where spring and love and life have just begun

Easter Sonnet for Hope

When Hope was born she filled our lives with joy,
A gift from God we loved and loved her more.
Our Hope was beauty nothing could destroy,
Angelic in our arms while we’d adore
Her perfect mouth and dream of songs she’d sing,
Her perfect eyes reflecting Perfect Light,
Her perfect hands, the flowers they would bring;
Our perfect Hope was promise, pure and bright.
But Hope was lost beyond our deepest grief,
And promise bright and pure was veiled in black.
Our Hope was stolen by the mortal thief,
And all our tears could never bring her back.
But Hope has found perfection’s perfect place;
In Christ our Hope’s alive by Godly Grace.